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and terrorists have been killed. traveling in london, defense secretary leon panetta said either seven or eight americans were taken in the terrorist attack. mark phillips picks up the story. >> reporter: early today, what had been a hostage-taking standoff at a massive natural gas plant in the algerian desert turned violent and bloody. algerian troops had surrounded the plant after a number of foreign workers-- some reports say more than 40-- were taken hostage by an islamic group calling itself the mass brigade, and claiming ties to al qaeda. security sources told us that, when the prisoners were moved within the compound, algerian gunships opened fire. one irish hostage, steven mcfaul, recounted the ordeal to an arabic tv channel as it was happening. >> reporter: steven mcfaul's family were celebrating tonight. he, along with an unknown number of other hostages, managed to escape. his son, dillon, was overjoyed. >> i feel over the moon. i'm just really excited. i just can't wait for him to get home. >> reporter: at least one american, mark cobb, who had been hiding in a meeting room, is know
this year. james: we talked last week about how many plays that baltimore defense played. let's go to their locker room. >> we had them right where we wanted them. right where we wanted them. this is from the owner. he texted during the game. he has never done that before. he said i have never texted you during a game. we are down 35-28. this is when we were down 35-28. i never texted you during the game. we are down 35-28 and i think it is the best game i have ever seen us in the playoffs since 2000. that is before we took the lead. win or lose, i am so proud of the team and proud of you. james: coach quick thought. bill: i think this game is the heart and soul of that team, ray lewis. they are on this mission right now. you saw them come together. you know they are the underdogs anywhere they go. as long as joe flacco plays mistake free, ray rice running. that defense is playing very solid, mistake-free play. dan: they overcame two kick returns for touchdowns, that is hard to overcome, especially on the road. joe flacco making big plays down the
to be secretary of defense. >> i haven't had the privilege of serving with chuck. i don't know chuck hagel. i know his reputation and i've spoken to him once on the phone. he's coming in next week to speak with me and i look forward to that. i have some questions i want to ask and sit down and get his view points on israel. our greatest ally. i wanted to see where his rack, why he -- iraq, why he chose to oppose the iraq war which i think was a wise choice now we know all the conditions. also iran. i believe the sanctions in iran are working and can even work further without going in and having a land war there. and afghanistan. i believe that he believes as i do that there's not going to be any changes that we're going to significantly make there no matter how long we are there. it's going to be a very interesting conversation i look forward to having. but i truly believe, i was a former executive being a governor and i always appreciated when the senate gave me the gave me the respoask basically putting -- respect of basically putting my staff together. i will give every consideration to our pre
girlfriend, but in his defense, brent musburger said she was really hot. >> a man died the day after he won the lottery and will be exhumed today. investigators determined he was poisoned. >>> horrifying attack on a subway platform. he picks her up and tosses her on to the tracks. she manages to run away. >> discovered a metal detector in australia is just under $300,000. >> all that -- >> the first lady celebrating her birthday with a new hairdo. >> the word is out. bangs are in. >> why exactly is the dog here? [ laughter ] >> and all that matters -- >> i'll spend the rest of my life trying to earn back trust and apologize to people. for the rest of my life. >> on "cbs this morning." >> the once point lance broke down and cried. and here's the funny thing. wherever a tear landed a new muscle grew. [ laughter ] >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." nearly 14 years after first winning the race that turned him into a superstar, lance armstrong admitted to lying about using performance-enhancing drugs. >> he told oprah winfrey he began doping in the mid 1990s but insiste
don't think their defense can handle. >> reporter: meantime, at the airport, 49er fans have arrived. >> new orleans style! don't give up! >> you came from utah? >> salt lake city, utah. >> they will win on sunday because why? >> because justin smith is going to do his thing and aldon smith is gonna have to do his thing. if they do their things, the defense sets up, do what they did last week, and the offense is going to step up, like they did last week. we're gonna be all right. >> reporter: not quite the kaepernick tattoo but this will do. one more trip, to new orleans, and super bowl xlvii! in atlanta, vern glenn, cbs 5. >> all right. thanks vern. >>> the radars have named greg olson their new offensive coordinator. olson becomes the team's fourth offensive coordinator in the last four seasons. >>> college hoops, david shaw in attendance to see cal. muscles his way in the bucket. stanford up 8 at halftime. justin cobbs brings cal within a point. but that's as close as the bears got. chasson randle, 15. stanford goes on to knock off
seekers. >> got a good tough offense. i don't think their defense can handle it. >> reporter: meantime at the airport, 49er fans have arrived. >> quest for six, new orleans- style. don't give up. >> reporter: you came from utah? >> salt lake city, utah. >> the 49ers will win sunday why? >> because smith is going to do his thing. as long as they do their thing, the defense steps up and do what they did last week and the offense is going to step up. we're going to be all right. >> reporter: not quite, but this will do. one more trip to new orleans and super bowl xlvii. in atlanta, cbs 5. >> and for more on the 49er's post-season coverage and to up load your own photos, go to our website. i am hoping that some day, maybe we can do you to do some. >> let's move on now. >> yes. >>> back to politics this morning, california leaders gathering in washington, d.c. for the inauguration. and this weekend, they are talking about the hot topic gun control. >> you know, oakland and california have these very strong gun control laws, but i still have teenager
hagel for defense secretary nomination might come up. after a week of white house gun violence meetings, it's not clear if the president will seek to reinstate a ban on assault style rifles. even if he does opposition is hardening. >> do you think an assault weapons ban can pass the congress? >> no. >> do you think it should? >> no. >> reporter: west virginia democrat joe manchin, who sounded open to new gun control measures immediately after the newtown massacre now wants a slow moving washington commission. >> if you just want gun bans you're wrong. >> what do we need? >> we need a comprehensive approach. >> reporter: with sales of firearms that congress might ban now sky rocketing, a top senate democrat called for a voluntary moratorium. >> if we continue to see nearly 80,000 gun sales each month in states all over the country, it's going to be counterproductive to whatever solution we will implement. >> reporter: the new york legislature sped towards passage of a tough new assault weapons ban. a move more states may copy as similar efforts stall in
. >> bad defense. right mimic right place . best defense in the league. they are on top of their game tonight. they are so pumped up. they are going to the superbowl. >> the 49ers have made believers of their already faithful fans. >> reporter: well, if we're lucky to be doing this again next week, same time, same place celebrating another 49er win. if we're lucky. these fans all think we will be. ann, back to you. >> fingers crossed. thanks, don. >>> there's another big story tonight. it is cold. freeze warnings are going up tonight. >> i don't even think many people understand how cold it is outside. they are whipping it up this evening. good evening. let's head outside right now. clear skies and temperature s taking a nose dive into the 30s across the board from redwood city through oakland liver more, san jose. san francisco is 43 degrees. dropping down to 38. notice all the mid 20s east of the bay inland and through the north. and this is why we have our third consecutive night. see that bright area? that encompasses another freeze warning as temperatures drop into the mid 20s. m
created a monster and there's not a defense in the league who seems to know how to stop him. the 49ers meet be on the road but vegas has him at four point favorites, as for the big stage of the nfc championship, bring it on. >> just show everybody what we've -- who we are, you know? [ indiscernible ] [ inaudible ] >> last year going into it we didn't know what to expect. not many of us had been in the play-offs previously. and, you know, we got in there, the intensity was a little bit more than what we expected. we adjusted. we played well both the saints and we went out there against, you know, the new york giants and we didn't take care of business. we didn't understand the magnitude of the moment. >> well, i think they understand the magnitude of it now. we have coverage for you when it comes to 49ers fever and allen coming up at 6:00, the former 49ers head coach mike nolan is the defensive coordinator for the atlanta falcons and has very much to do with the people on the 49ers roster now. >> we have you covered for the 49ers. our website, cb
. absolutely. >> no doubt. >> we got a good tough offense. i don't think their defense can handle us. >> reporter: meantime, at the airport, 49er fans have arrived. >> quest for six, new orleans style. don't give up. >> you came from -- utah? >> salt lake city, utah. >> reporter: the 49ers will win sunday because why? >> because justin smith is going to do his thing and all the smiths going -- alex smith is going to have to do his thing. if they do their thing and the defense steps up and does what they did last week the offense is going to step up too. we're going to be all right. >> reporter: not quite the kaepernick tattoo but this will do. all want one more trip to new orleans and super bowl xlvii. in atlanta, vern glenn, cbs 5. >> all right, thanks vern. the raiders named quarterback coach greg olson the new offensive coordinator. he becomes the team's fourth offensive coordinator in the last four seasons. >>> college hoops rose bowl winner. first half dwight powell with the strong move inside and muscles his way in for the bucket. stanfor
advantage over atlanta on sunday. >> kim coyle is here to tell us about the captain of the defense, who could give the falcons fits. >> that's right. patrick willis is regarded as one of the best line backers in the nfl, but willis does admit to having one weakness on the football field. >> i think he'll take it to the sideline, my god took off running that way! >> i would say he deserves a pass on the blocking. but the captain of the 49ers defense also isn't satisfied with just getting to the nfc championship game for the second year in a row. >> it's not good enough just to make the playoffs. it's not good enough just to make it to the nfc championship. we want to win it all. that's what we'll be remembered by the most, going to the super bowl and winning it. but it starts this sunday, to have the opportunity to go. just winning it all. >> six-time pro bowler wants a ring. >> wants the ring. badly. >> that's right. they all do. >> thanks, kim. >>> well, some clarity at last on the hostage crisis in algeria. what we now know about the kidnappers
. >> got the best defense in the league and they are just -- they are on top of their game tonight. they are so pumped up. they are going to the super bowl. >> so the 49ers have made even stronger believers out of these already faithful fans. but there is an even bigger game looming next sunday and vern glen will have more highlights in a few minutes. >>> the final hurdle has been cleared for the sharks to finally begin their season in san jose as well. the national hockey league players voted in favor of a player contractor, a new one that has officially ended the lockout for the season. this was going to be an abbreviated 48 game season. the sharks' first game in cal gahry one -- calgary one week from today. >>> a local school being disinfected this weekend after dozens of students got sick in could not croft -- could contra costa county. it includes vomiting, dire rae and -- diarrhea and stomach pain. classes will be held tomorrow, though. >>> in the north bay, authorities in petaluma have identified the body of a man found in a recyclin
, we always say being a defensive player, turnover circuit is always important. ravens, the ravens won that battle and they were very successful. >> andre carter came into the post game show because of the length of the game, never got on. but 1:30 into the newscast is better than nothing. that's andre carter, cbs 5 football analyst. . >>> former cal star shawn lindley got himself a court sight seat, cal hosting washington state. cal took a 29-27 lead at intermission. second half, justin cobb off the screen, the elbow jump shot, good. it was a close game throughout the afternoon, but in the end, wallace again. the freshman off the bench, had a career high 16. cal pulls away, winning 67-54 and improved to 2-2 in the pac- 10. >>> santa clara welcoming in byu this afternoon. first half, broncos down 6. clark makes the nice pass. santa clara, down 9 at the break. second half, kevin foster would bring santa clara back. nice finish with the left hand. foster had 22. game tied. byu went on an 18-0 run. tyler haas from downtown had 24. byu runs awa
% of the fish that we eat in the united states is imported. >> linda greer is with the natural resources defense council, an environmental group that support os the u.n. treaty to reduce worldwide emissions of mercury. >> many of the tuna fish we eat, for example swim in the south china sea. and that mercury pollution that comes into cans and into our pantries every day. >> the proposed treaty calls for filtering mercury emissions out of burning coal cutting mercury use in gold binning and reducing its use in manufacturing of electronic switches and batteries. >> i still probably am 75% bhaf i was before. i can't run, for example. >> so you really don't know at this point whether you are aback to 100%. >> i assume i won't. i assume i am never going to be able to dots things i was before. >> gelfond has a university research facility to study the affects of mercury on human health, effects which for him may be permanent. tony guida cbs news, new york. >> jeff: chevrolet has resurrected the sting ray. the newly redesigned 2014 corvette was rolled out tonight it is the 7th generation of the classic
in the jewish community, whether we are talking about defense of the jewish community in terms of addressing antisemitism, anti-jewish animus, whether we are talking about strengthening the jewish community with philanthropy and talking about the most important questions facing young jews and jews on a journey, the periphery of the jewish community, how to bring people to a more common sense of jewishness and what we do is we conduct that research and then we attempt, as best we can, to present it in a way that is not only valuable to professionals in the jewish community but also to the layman so that everyone can whandz these issues are and everyone can understand the data and the information that we are generating. primarily, we attempt to kind of full-length volumes and also smaller reports that effectively present the data in a way that can be implemented by the jewish communal structure and also in a way that can help push forward the communication in the community. this is gary tobin's first book, opening the gates. this is our first book on diversit
at the in amenas, algeria earlier today. >> defense secretary leon panetta is calling the situation serious. several other countries have announced that they have citizens involved as well. >>> terrifying moments in london today. a helicopter crashed in the heart of the city during the morning rush hour. two people were killed and several more injured. cbs reporter rita nissan has the latest from london. >> reporter: a line of flames burned on a london street after a helicopter crashed into a crane during the morning rush hour. >> helicopter just come down. >> reporter: a commuter captured the chaos on his cell phone. >> bring the police! >> reporter: the chopper burst into flames, spun out of control, then dropped onto a crowded road. >> people started screaming. >> just crashed down. >> reporter: it happened at one of europe's tallest apartment buildings, which is still under construction. >> i see the helicopter come over, hit the top of the cranes and the helicopter come crashing down. >> reporter: police say the pilot and a person on the ground we
children have died from the flu. your best defense, a vaccine, how effective is it? 62% effective. >> it's a good vaccine but not a perfect vaccine. >> while it may not prevent all kays of the flu, it can make the symptoms miler. anyone who hasn't already gotten a vaccine should get it now. because it's not perfect, everyone needs to be extra individual lent in preventing the -- individual lent in preventing the strain. >>> well, it was one year ago today when an italian cruise ship ran aground killing 30 people on board. friends and family went back to the scene for a day of remembrance. one has the story from italy. >> reporter: relatives of victims gathered and threw nowers into the water to honor their loved ones. they watched as a permanent memorial was made. the one year anniversary was marked with a day of remembrance. 32 people died when the liner hit a wreath and rolled over on it's side. among the dead, minnesota couple, jerry and barbara while. their children came to remember and to attend a memorial mass. >> it was a chance, i
that people use in the firearms that are being used for self- defense or used for hunting. >> reporter: chang did support some of the directives the president called for today. he agrees there should be stricker laws to keep guns from the mentally ill, harsher punishments for crimes involving firearms and armed police officers at schools. >> you don't want to take away the second amendment rights for law-abiding citizens who have done nothing but yet they are the ones forced to comply with these laws because violent criminals don't obey laws. >> reporter: looks like the president has the support of most americans. ining an exclusive cbs5/surveyusa poll, 71% of people in the bay area support a ban on assault weapons. 67% support limits on how much ammunition a gun could hold. those numbers roughly match a recent national survey. reaction from congressional lawmakers lukewarm. even the children who wrote to the president seem to understand that change is really going to be a hard sell on capitol hill. >> in the letter that julia wrote me, she said, "i k
americans. defense secretary leon panetta commend on that a short time ago. >>> we are working around the clock to ensure the safe return of our citizens. >> the algerian government says the military raid was necessary because the islamic militant captors were threatening to flee with the hostages. the al qaeda connected militants say their actions are meant to punish algeria for its help of french forces fighting muslims in mali. >>> a mother in san jose admits to lying about a supposed kidnap attempt of her daughter. >> now police and neighbors are angry about the hoax. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in san jose with reaction. >> reporter: they are angry. there's a lot of wasted resources on this and a lot of unnecessary fear. police say it only to be about 10 minutes of repeated questioning to get this mother to come clone about her story about an attempted kidnapping. >> can you explain what happened? >> reporter: that is the mother refusing to answer our reporter's questions. the woman originally claimed a man tried to grab her daughter a toddl
, the secretary of state's time, secretary of defense's time is pretty limited. you better know what you want to achieve in in in three years or so >> you told me earlier this morning something i had never known. upper the national security adviser, one of the president's closest aides during the first term. then you were nominated to be secretary of state, and you told me you had to go through a full background check. >> that's right. i remember thinking-- they were going out and talking to my neighbors again. and i remember thinking didn't we just do this four years ago? you know what i've been doing for the last four years. maybe it's a little bit of a sense of the turf wars in washington between the white house and state department but it was done all over again >> that's just amazing to me. bob, you have watched a few of these inaugurations. you heard david plouffe say this morning he thinks there's massive support for deficit reduction in the country and massive support for this and that. i'm not sure how massive the support is. it seems to me everybody wants to do something but nobody
defensive coordinator mike nolan spent 3 1/2 seasons as the head coach of the 49ers and while he never got the 49ers to the play-offs, strolling nolan laid a foundation that evolved to one of the best defenses of the nfl. >> mike nolan has been an integral part of the building of that san francisco team. if you look at the guys that are playing well for them, mike was the head coach and acting as the general manager as well when those guys were drafted. so mike's very familiar with them and i think that will give us some more insight in terms of what these guys are all about. >> patrick willis dashon goldson and ray mcdonald terrell brown and others were under nolan. nolan regrets his tenure didn't end on a better note. >> you can never end nice. [ laughter ] >> i just wish it would have worked out better at the end because there was a lot of work to be done. they are reaping the benefits. i enjoy watching those guys. >>> in the afc the ravens hope that ray lewis' super bowl shuffle will lead them to new orleans. they have to dance by new england f
as to whether these are defense wounds or not. are they or are they not? we should clearly determine that. >> coroner's office completed the report back in june but it was just made public today. sheriff's department says the case remains open but neither wagner nor walken are considered suspects. >>> apple shares are currently trading at their lowest level in almost a year after reports that demand for the iphone 5 is slowing down. according to the "wall street journal," apple cut back on orders for iphone 5 screens. that suggests apple was expecting stronger demand. its shares went down almost 4% today. apple hasn't commented on the story. but the company has been facing stiff competition from android phones. >>> move over, ti tebow, there's a new elbow move courtesy of 49ers quarterback. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman examines the biceps homage known as kaepernicking. >> reporter: what are all these people doing smelling their armpits? give me a kaepernick. >> like that. >> reporter: kaepernicking does involve smelling your armpits. it just looks tha
with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health. septic disasters are disgusting and costly, but avoidable. the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door so you will never forget to maintain your system. sign up at >>> well, the falcons might be the top seed in the nfc, but all the chatter this week has been about the 49ers and colin kaepernick, not matt ryan and his falcons. the falcons have won four straight against san francisco and matt ryan has never lost to the 49ers. our analyst says the 49ers must put pressure on ryan or else. >> you've gotta get pressure. that's the most important thing. justin smith, aldon smith, ray mcdonald, these guys have to have big pressure. otherwise they'll carve you up. they've gotta get pressure on matt ryan or he will slice them and pick up a bunch of yards. >> we have a 49er preview tomorrow night at 7 on channel 5. >>> lady bears hosting usc. under 20 seconds left. gennifer brandon on the put- back to send the ga
as answers. militants held hostages from at least ten nations at the remote gas plant. the defense secretary leon panetta says as many as eight americans were among them. a u.s. official says some americans escaped, some are still held and some remain unaccounted for. susan mcginnis is in washington with the latest. susan, good morning to you. >> terrell, good morning to you. less than a day later there are so many questions left over the frustration of washington. we do know that the algerian military launched this attack with no warning to the u.s. government or any other government, and it does appear that the hostage crisis remains ongoing. algerian tanks surrounded the gas complex deep in the sahara desert and launched a daring rescue attempt. military leaders say they freed dozens of workers being held by al qaeda-linked terrorists, but many hostages were killed during the mission along with their captors. it's not clear what happened to the several americans being held at the plant. a u.s. official says some got out, including mark cobb who hid in a m
francisco to coaching them in atlanta. here's the defensive coordinator for the falcons now. he's a little fearful of the team he helped build in san francisco. >> it's nice to know certain guys because you got to know how far they go, but i hate to say it, but the guys that we added i wish they wouldn't go as far because they're pretty good so it's really not a good thing i know that. frank goree is a great example on offense. vernon davis. all those guys are very good players, you know. looking back on it now, if we had had a lot of bad once, maybe that would have been the way to go but we didn't. >> he's got his hand full but he is a klass act. >>> time for the tuesday night top five. lit up red for 49ers nice touch but got nothing on lou lewis light show. basketball in brooklyn raptors gave him a show put back dunk one more time there. at no. 3, keep your eye on the lost shoe in the iowa/northwest earn thing. aaron wide picks it up and almost takes coach off in the process. >> no. 2, who needs a fishing rod when you could bring monsters like this up with your bear arm? polish player yu
pursuing hostages and terrorists in other areas of the site. >> defense secretary leon panetta says the u.s. is working around the clock to ensure the safety of americans. the al qaeda-connected militants say their actions are meant to push algeria for helping french fight militants in mali. >>> a san jose mother admits to a kidnapping hoax. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in san jose where neighbors and police are upset. >> reporter: everybody still wondering why would a mother do this? the community down here in san jose
the same technology that people use in the firearms that are being used for self-defense or used for hunting. >> reporter: chang did support some of the directives the president called for today. he agrees there have been stricter laws to keep guns from the mentally ill, harsher punishments for crimes involving firearms and armed police officers at schools. >> you don't want to take away the second amendment rights for law-abiding citizens who have done nothing but yet they are the ones forced to comply with these laws because violent criminals don't obey laws. >> reporter: looks like the president has the support of most americans. in an exclusive cbs 5 surveyusa poll 71% of people in the bay area support a ban on assault weapons. 67% support limits on how much ammunition a gun could hold. those numbers roughly match a recent national survey. they also found that people have been following this gun debate very closely and it's just another indication that the sandy hook tragedy can translate to action in washington. grace lee, cbs 5. >>> even
, the white house. >>> military suicides have reached record levels. so bad that the secretary of defense calls it an epidemic. the pentagon says there were 349 suicides among active duty personnel last year. that's more than the number of combat deaths in afghanistan. experts say iraq and afghanistan war veterans suffering from depression and post traumatic stress are at the highest risk. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton will testify next week about the deadly attack on the u.s. mission in libya. clinton will appear before the house foreign affairs committee. she had been scheduled to testify last month. that was canceled when she fell and suffered a concussion. four americans died in the september 11 attack including ambassador chris stevens. >>> former president george h.w. bush is at his houston home this morning following a seven-week hospital stay. mr. bush was released yesterday. he had been treated for bronchitis and a lingering cough including a week in intensive care. >>> we'll take a quick break. >>> when we come back an unlikely partner in the battle agai
secretary of defense leon panetta was in london meeting cameron, a u.s. plane was evacuating wounded hostages, including at least one american, to a military hospital in germany. >> terrorists should be on notice that they will find no sanctuary, no refuge, not in algeria, not in north africa not anywhere. >> reporter: and the kidnappers are now reportedly offering a prisoner swap. they say they'll release two americans they say they're still holding if the u.s. releases two prisoners it's holding in u.s. prisons on terror convictions. and, of course, scott, they're still threatening further attacks. >> pelley: mark, thanks very much. the leader of that terror group that mark just told us about mokhtar belmokhtar has an entourage that calls him the prince but that's just one of his aliases and we asked david martin to find out more about him. >> mokhtar belmokhtar, a.k.a. one eye, because he lost an eye fighting in afghanistan. a.k.a. the marlborough man because he made a living smuggling cigarettes. no westerner knows him better than former canadian diplomat robert fouler who was hi
to be members of al qaeda. defense secretary panetta learned of the attack while on a visit to italy. >> by all indications, this is a terrorist act, and the united states strongly condemns these kinds of terrorist acts. it is a very serious matter when americans are taken hostage. >> reporter: under the command of a veteran terrorist who goes by an arabic nickname meaning "one-eyed man," the attackers say they are retaliating for french air strikes against al qaeda-linked terrorists across the border in mali. with u.s. backing, the french- launched strikes started last friday in an effort to stop hardline islamic groups from taking over the country. in an operation expected to last into february, france is also sending 2,500 ground troops. according to u.s. officials, the french have run into stiffer- than-expected resistance. algerian troops have surrounded that gas complex where the americans are being held. the terrorists are quoted as saying they won't release their hostages until france stops its operations in mali. >> pelley: david, thank you. also breaking tonight, the federal governmen
. secretary of state hillary clinton, defense secretary leon panetta, the treasury secretary geithner and the labor secretary hilda soliz are also leaving. >>> president obama will unveil his plan to reduce gun violence. cbs news says the plan calls for bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. it's also said to include criminal and mental health background checks for customers in all gun sales. the proposals would have to be approved by the house and senate something the president admits is not a sure thing. >> i want to be sure that i'm honest about americans about what will work. >> the president is looking into what actions he can take on his own by exec it order. the president is scheduled to speak at 8:55 this morning our time. we'll have a special report from cbs news when that happens. >>> time now 6:10. bypassing baggage claim. how much one airline wants to charge to deliver your luggage. >> not cheap, either. and don't bite the dentist. the walmart employee finds a kid's priceless book of advice. the creative a coming right up.
canal would be good for american commerce and defense. helping american ships move from one ocean to the other. and he got americans to follow his vision. >> unprecedented for us to do anything like that beyond our own borders. tremendous cost. and a tremendous risk. but he then participated in decisions by going to panama to see things for himself. the first time a president ever left the country while in office. >> reporter: and the best lead not only with actions but with words. >> the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. >> one speech could change history. >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. ( cheers and applause ) >> that the torch has been passed... >> all superb speakers who delivered moving speeches -- speeches that lift us to want to attain more and higher achievement than we might believe we were capable of. that's leadership. >> ask what you can do for your country. >> presidents nixon ford, reagan >> reporter: john kennedy's words launched david gergen's career as an advisor to four presidents. >> i do believe that president obama has got to be the unifier in
. the defense secretary leon panetta says we are working with the british and other governments to end the hostage crisis. the "associated press" reports at least 6 people are dead after algeria conducted a military raid to rescue the hostages. some of the hostages to hide it out are praising the algerian army. >> everything is okay and thanks to algerian army they are taking good care of us and we were lucky that we are still alive and everything is good. >> one of the freed hostages said he was in a room with 260 people. at this point about 60 people remain unaccounted for. >>> back here at home a mother in san jose admits to lying about an attempt to kidnap her own daughter and now police and neighbors are angry about the hoax. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in san jose with some reaction. >> reporter: very angry. and a lot of people questioning why this woman would do this. police say she cracked under their questioning after about 10 minutes and came clean about her story about her child's abduction -- attempted abduction. >> can you explain wh
is leaving to spend more time with his family. secretary of state hillary clinton, defense secretary leon panetta and several others are leaving the team in a couple of weeks. >>> in just a few hours from now, president obama plans to unveil his plan to reduce gun violence. cbs news says the plan calls for bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines as well as including criminal and mental health background checks for customers in all sales. the proposals would have to be approved by the house and senate something the president admits is not a sure thing. >>> nearly 6 out of 10 americans favor stricter gun laws according to a new "associated press" poll. 35% say gun laws should remain unchanged and 5% wanting looser gun laws. >>> the new report that highlights the dangers of energy drinks. >> plus, crossing the line. the florida teen arrested for giving a wedgie. >> and forget unreally fans. the soccer mess that got some four-legged interference. coming up. during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempu
it defensively now so this is the structure fire in a residential neighborhood pretty close to the waterfront and the carquinez bridge. so if you are on interstate 80 you may see smoke or flames. the exact location is at jackson and loring avenue. they are doing traffic control in the area. less than a mile from the carquinez bridge. initially, they had to shut down the union pacific railroad track in that area. they were able to reopen the tracks and again this is a live look at the carquinez bridge. capitol corridor amtrak both should be on time. and we are sending a news crew to the scene so we'll bring you live pictures here very shortly. stay tuned for that. in the meantime, other traffic news. here's a live look at highway 4 traffic sensors picking up a little bit of slowing right now in the eastbound lanes. they have a full freeway closure scheduled to wrap up in the next half hour. so by 5:30 maybe a little bit earlier than that. otherwise here is a live look at the nimitz 880 in oakland flowing nicely towards downtown. quiet golden gate bridge.
of this defense unable to wrap him up and bring down t.j. >> reporter: a woman on facebook was surprised to learn her image had been hijacked. >> we talked to this woman and said all of these photos are of me. i'm not dead. i have not had leukemia i didn't go to stanford and i don't really know who manti te'o is. we said oh wow. >> reporter: the surreal chain of events have some speculating te'o may have been in on the hoax but as far as notre dame is concerned, they're sticking by their man. >> the single most trusting human being i've ever met will never be able to trust again in the same way in his life. that's an incredible tragedy. >> there is no word yet on when manti te'o is expected to address the media beyond his statement last night. questions remain as to te'o could not have known. deadspin identified a friend or distant family member of manti te'o who was behind the hoax. deadspin who also broke the brett favre scandal a year ago says this is the biggest story the site has had, over 2 million hits in eight hours. >> chip did we reach out to notre dame? >> we did r
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